As the Increasing awareness of Green and Environmental protection, Green vehicle has now becoming the trend over the world. Still, people not only Satisfy the vehicle with zero-emission only, but also the vehicle fitted in the urban culture and represent their uniqueness.

Inspired by a 10-year old girl’s sketching, Marshall Leong, the principal of electric bicycle in Vanda Electrics, wanted to create a new concept urban used zero-emission electric bicycle. A bicycle which can be putted in the back of the car and has a great potential to become a street fashion.

To be honest, it seemed ridiculous from others since the concept came from a sketch drawing by a 10-year old girl, and it’s dream, the very original concept of design that making sure that stays unchanged”.

However, with the cooperation of Vanda Electrics and Bifoxs, products came out successfully. Motochimp’s length is just 1.1 meter; its weight is only 93-lb (42kg) with top speed of 45km/h. It has 750 Wh removable battery which can run 40 km of range. It only needs 2 hours for battery from depleted to fully charged.

Bifoxs provided ID + MD + prototype + Production services. We used square tubular extruded 6061 aluminum alloy as the body for built to last. We also conceal every wire, such as the standard AC power plug under the rider’s seat, to make it simple and beautiful. Moreover, instead of traditional configuration of keyhole, we used Non-contact RFID key. Each master key can also be equipped with 5 secondary keys, and each car will only respond to a unique digital ID code, which ensures that Motochimp will not be stolen easily.

During the project, Marshall participated from the beginning industrial design to the final prod