The client is a start-up company and they launched crowdfunding on INDIEGOGO, which has raised more than 700,000 RMB in a short time. Below is the page on INDIEGOGO. The encounter between our Bifoxs and this customer is not very twisty. After searching out our company information on the Internet, the customer learned that we have industrial design services, software and hardware services, as well as prototype factories, injection molding factories, etc. they visited our company soon, after preliminary  discussion, we quickly established a team for this project to evaluate this project. The next day, the customer visited our company again with a box of vintage cameras, discussed the details, and signed a contract on the spot. The project was officially launched.


Throughout the whole project process, we need to provide professional ID + MD + prototype + mass production services. we set up a strong team to serve customer. In addition, the customer participate in the entire project from ID, MD, prototype to mass production. Customer have witnessed their idea to realise. From sketching to modeling to proposal, it only took a week, and our proposal passed the 

client's selection once. It took us only 10 days to complete the first design of the MD and went to the prototype and large-price quotation stage. The reason why we can complete and meet the customer's expectations so quickly is that the customer himself participated in the development of this project, provided his own ideas, discussed with our engineers, and collided with sparks.



Preliminary sketches finalized with client brainstorming


During the client's participation in this project, we provide the client with a comfortable and independent office environment, so that the client can work normally and handle other matters while participating in witnessing this project.


In addition, customer can dine in our company's business restaurant for free every day. Our company's business restaurant is exclusively for customers. A variety of drinks, fresh and nutritious fruits, and a variety of dishes are regularly provided to meet the dietary needs of different customers.


Adding a digital camera to an old-style camera, and retain the overall style and powerful camera of the old-style camera, the most important thing is to retain the dial-type operation method of the old-style camera, It is a very difficult point.We have tried dozens of solutions. After a week of continuous trials and continuous verification, we successfully overcome this difficulty and let this project continue. At present, we have implemented this function for customerssuccessfully, and we are helping customers to make functional prototypes for verification. The customer is also very satisfied with our design and final structural solution. the customer has applied for the appearance patent of these two products in Europe.


Through the project cooperation with I ’m Back , now the customer trust us deeply. And now we have reached a strategic cooperation relationship with I’m Back, our customers are actively retreating our business in European countries. At the same time, the customer also showed this project results on the following social platform.