Brand idea

意 无 限 品 有 形



Creativity is not a simple pile of elements, it have ethos inside. If we want to combine the thoughts with goods, we need to emphasis on the culture of inside and release the power of it.

意 无 限 品 有 形



Creativity emphasis on the personal cultivation, it respects individual difference. There’s no smoke without fire. We should face it with rigorous scholarship, Not only for personality or design. We need insist on personal belief, experience, view and taste.

品牌文化Brand Culture

Bifoxs Designers

Appreciation ability
Expression ability
Master ability

Bifoxs’ Culture


Maintain a sustained passion for innovation, make future better with dream. Breakthrough is the law of innovation. Achieve a new life with a powerful team.


Love life and love design. Cultivate excellent communication skills, complete the team in the process of growth.


There is no perfect person, only perfect team. Challenge difficulties together, obtain values in a common endeavor.


Bifoxs provide employees a complete training and promotion system. They would learn new concepts and expand new vision in practice


The value of personal relationship is Mutual interest, Exchange information, Harmony of knowledge and action, Active and honest, Interactive equality.

Features of Bifoxs team

Learning Team
Open team
Communication-oriented team
Technical team
Consultants oriented team
Creative Team

Bifoxs’ Five leading strategy

——Leading mode——

Innovate design and one- stop service, emphasis on solving the problem of creative design and product manufacture. We are the global supplier of design service and can solve the technical barrier during the R&D, and then shorten developing periods.。

——Leading product——

Depending on the powerful ability of mold manufacture, injection production, metals manufacture, surface treatment and product assembling, Bifoxs can be provided you one-stop service which from product analyze, ID, MD, Brand design to production, marketing and SCM, in addition, we can also service you according to your requirement.

——Leading service——

Bifoxs is one creative design company which good at manufacture. Service is our culture, quality is our soul. That’s our advantage of living this market.

——Leading management——

Bifoxs insist on the principle of “win-win, equality and mutual benefit and strict management “and devote ourselves to build the relationship of harmonious, stability and healthy with our customer.

——Leading strategy——

Bifoxs has the depth changes in the marketing mode. Such as, elaborately in the business management, professionally in innovative design, quickly in market reaction, effective in Supporting services and integrate in marketing channel. Releasing the power of market potential through the establishment of the channel response mechanism and achieve the goal of win-win.