• One-stop service

    official project, a kick-off meeting for project, set up the project team, send design requirement book.

  • Stack selection

    Determine the hardware power, internal module configuration, to determine the hardware models.

  • Appearance design

    Product research analysis, creative concept sketches design and review meeting, three-dimensional models and renderings design, final review.

  • The structure design

    To improve product design and specification, mold processing to provide reliable data, to prepare for the production.

  • Circuit board design

    PCBA circuit board design, UI design, UX human-computer interaction design.

  • Supply chain services

    Raw materials procurement, modules, hardware cost estimation.

  • Mold design

    Die casting, mold design, mold, injection mold.

  • Batch production

    Production and manufacturing, injection molding, blister, etc.

  • The test report

    Bifox has a complete test procedure to reach the quality.

  • Case display

    Good design needs good manufacture, let strength witness.

  • CMf experiment

    The new color, new materials, new technology, full technical support.