Xiamen leveraging industrial design "Midas touch" City of the proposed industrial design


Disgraced "industrial plant" Metamorphosis "is full of spiritual creativity, which is the industrial design" Midas touch "powe


Disgraced "industrial plant" Metamorphosis "is full of spiritual creativity, which is the industrial design" Midas touch "power, but also cultural and creative Yongsan gorgeous garden" turn. "Today, walking in here, maybe at that corner turn Department, will be able to meet the world's top fashion designers, more and more creative industries incubator birth miracle here, which is to promote the development of industrial design in Xiamen City, a microcosm.

2014 State Council executive meeting, to make a "five policy measures," the full deployment to accelerate design services and integrated development of related industries. Compared with other cities, deep Xiamen to Taiwan, the environment, education, and other four major advantages to develop practical industrial design, built in 2018 proposed to "Industrial Design City," the grand blueprint.

A, push platform

The two sides set the stage for the designer

With the "public entrepreneurship and innovation," atmosphere of increasingly strong, industrial design is particularly important. Many countries have issued guidance and policy, the city followed suit, issued "on the promotion of industrial design industry view," so that the development of the city's industrial design rules to follow. By strengthening the co-ordination of industrial park construction design integration, MediaTek gorgeous space, Hercynian industrial design center, cross-strait youth innovation and entrepreneurship record customer base, Xiamen City Industrial Design Center, Xiamen Industrial Design public service platform, also have built for industrial design to build an effective platform. Meanwhile, the Torch Industrial Design Park, Jimei industrial design public service platform, Xiamen 3D print public service platform, and Xiamen Strait Industrial Design Promotion Center and other theme parks and industrial design center is under construction. To avoid the "rush" phenomenon, currently the city is trying to do the overall planning, construction and industrial park will be dedicated to closely integrated push custom design, character design, service enterprises, to meet consumption.

With the platform, but also to set the stage. Recently, the Second Cross-Strait Elite Collegiate Industrial Design Exhibition and the "TPV Cup" New Horizons Industrial Design Competition starts in the city, 664 Grand Prix finalists physical works and works full debut concept, involving electronic information, household goods, etc. . During the cross-strait students also participate in the use of mixed waste materials for creative design scene "Le color Declaration" activities. A lot of good ideas in this burst, fencing student Taiwan University of Technology Li Yin Kai will crib into a chair; Lujiang students Duque spin using image recognition technology that allows children to draw on paper cartoon characters "live", let the game pass through the cartoon character in the computer ...... city through the competition with AC and learn the design stage for the two sides to become a greater influence in the country brand events and exhibitions, Xiamen has become a brand of industrial design and city events show new card.

B, to stimulate creative passion

Closer design and Consumption

From print to ordinary food ingredients, from body scanning to tailor tailoring, from clay to burn finished print, from design to physical evidence of personal preference, so the design becomes a pleasure, by platform and showcase a variety of interactive experience activities ...... 3D printing platform interactive experience brought good design experience. The city continued to promote the welfare of industrial design platform to meet the growing demand for the public to experience industrial design, raise public awareness of innovation, stimulate creative passion; promote research with the integration, transformation and upgrading, in addition to the relatively distal end of 3D printing outside platform interactive experience, including industrial design to build Xiamen Museum, Xiamen and intangible cultural heritage of traditional craft museum experience, industrial design libraries.

With the rapid economic and social development in Xiamen City, the cost of living continues to improve industrial designers, industrial design large flow of talent, the industrial output value of industrial design, the number of firms and design standards are constantly changing. President of Xiamen Industrial Design Association, Chen Chi said that we must strive to design a scientific and feasible model and statistical formulas, gradually related indicators of industrial design embedded into economic statistical reports of enterprises, so that the government departments of the city industrial design development, industrial costs and personnel flow, etc. in real-time, dynamic tracking and statistics, providing data support for the development of large industrial design industry.

Chen Chi believes that the city's industrial design to promote town-building, can learn from China Industrial Design Association and Hangzhou, Guizhou government Build Liangzhu town design practices, build a "government guidance, industry cohesion, capital operation, the value of management" business model and industry innovation platform, the introduction of outstanding design students and teachers across the Taiwan Strait, vigorously develop cutting-edge design, design and production closer, closer designer, author and producer of products from sellers and consumers, so the rapid growth of the industrial design talent, allowing designers to share their products and industrialization, the market as soon as possible.