Recently, the construction of Hengli manufacturing base of SilverBasis (002786) has made new progress. On the morning of September 19, it is planned to invest 2 billion yuan, covering an area of about 160000 square meters, and building an area of nearly 500000 square meters. The foundation of the new Hengli manufacturing base of SilverBasis  (Hengli SilverBasis mold and precision structure productionproject) was officially started. Hu zuohuan, newpresident of yinbaoshan, and vice secretary of Dongguan Municipal Government Lu hanbiao,director general of the Administration for Industry and Commerce Chen Xiwen,

Xiao Biliang, deputy director of the municipal developmentand Reform Bureau,he Zhiyao,Secretary of Hengli Town Committee, Qin Chun, mayor of the town, and other leaders attended the foundation ceremony.


Hengli base is one of the eight new manufacturing bases in SilverBasis, which is expected to be put into production in October next year."The general manager of marketing department of Shenzhen SilverBasis Technology Co., Ltd. told Feng that the company is mainly engaged in the R& D, design,manufacturing, sales of large-scale precision injection molds and the production and sales of precision structural parts,mainly for the communication electronics industry and auto parts industry. Its core customers include Huawei,ZTE, Ford Ford, Nissan and many other enterprises.In 2016 Guangdong yinbaoshan New Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Hengli,which is optimistic about the intelligent manufacturing supporting facilities, Hengli mold industry chain supporting facilities and transportation location advantages inDongguan. Hengli has chosen to invest in the construction of SilverBasis Hengli manufacturingbase, hoping to build the most important and advanced production base of SilverBasis in South China with the help of Hengli's platform of "China famous mold manufacturing town".

It is understood that the base is newly invested and built by SilverBasis, mainly for the purpose of expanding the production capacity of the company's core business mold products, and for the overall relocation of the existing scattered mold and structural parts production lines in Shenzhen, as well as the transformation of some automation equipment, the introduction of advanced students includinghigh-speed 750 three-axis CNC, 750 five axis CNC, large vertical horizontal conversion exchangeable table five axis CNC machine tools, etc Produce equipment and use leading production process to realize the comprehensive upgrading and capacity expansion of the company's existing products.

SilverBasis Hengli manufacturing base has a total investment of 2 billion yuan, the project land is about 238 mu, and the construction area is nearly 500000 square meters. After the completion of the factory, it will become the largest single mold factory in the world. Mr. Hu zuohuan, new president of SilverBasis, said, "Hengli park will integrate the design, manufacturing, testing,assembly and delivery of automobile molds and intelligent manufacturing hardware. After completion,it will become an international level intelligent manufacturing benchmark factory and the world's largest single mold factory.


The completion of Hengli manufacturing base will strongly support SilverBasis global development strategy, at the same time, it will also promote the improvement of regional supply chain system, meet the needs of the company's development, have strong profitability and good development prospects. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will bring good investment income to the company and rich returns to shareholders. It is understood that the new Hengli manufacturing base in SilverBasis has been completed and put into operation. It is estimated that the annual outpu value reaches 2.8 billion RMB as well as the annual tax revenue is 120 million RMB.With the gradual development of the manufacturing base since then, the annual output value will reach 10 billion RMBin the future.

 He Zhiyao, Secretary of Hengli Town Committee, Qin Chun, deputy secretary of Hengli Town Committee and mayor of Hengli Town attended the foundation ceremony. Qin Chun said that with the completion of th new Hengli manufacturing base in SilverBasis, Hengli mould industry chain will be further extended, mould industry cluster will be promoted, and the brand of "Hengli mould" will be polished.

At the foundation laying ceremony, Xiao Biliang, deputy director of the municipal development and Reform Bureau,said that the  new Hengli manufacturing base in SilverBasis is a major project with large investment scale in Dongguan this year. It is hoped that the relevant municipal departments and Hengli Town will do a good job in project coordination, command and follow-up services, promote the construction of major projects with high quality on time, accelerate the construction progress, and promote the project to start on schedule, accelerate the construction, and put into operation as soon as possible. "I believe that with the completion of a number of major projects in the city, such as the new Hengli manufacturing base in SilverBasis, it will provide a strong impetus for Dongguan's new round of development," said BiLiang Xiao.

Qin Chun said that Hengli will next improve the public supporting facilities around the SilverBasis Hengli manufacturing base project, give full support to enterprises in terms of industrial layout, innovation factors,urban environment, public services, etc., highlight the support of SilverBasis and other leading mould enterprises,and make great efforts to attract the upstream and downstream high-quality enterprises of mould industry to gather and build mould industry cluster.